We are Dark Horse Racing and we sell shares in racehorses.

We established ourselves in 1980 with the first Racing Club ever started. Our name back then was PSB - Professional Sporting Bureau. Marten Julian has written and self-published books on racing since 1970 and knew that many of his readers dreamed of owning a racehorse but it was not affordable. He went to the BHA alone and requested to start the first racing club. It was not was, it took time but he achieved his dream.

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This site is being redesigned ready to welcome new horses and new owners. The new site is due to launch by early August 2021.

To register your interest in a future Partnership or Club please let us know any preferences you may have or trainers you think we should consider.

Our latest partnership is being released to the public on Sunday 13 June (evening). To learn more please contact Jodie via email (jodie@darkhorseracing.com).


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