Useful Information..

Visiting your horse

All visits have to come through the office. We offer stable visits every year and will do our best to accommodate private visits. Please contact Rebecca via or call us.


When an entry is made

We wouldn’t advise booking a hotel (unless you can cancel without charge) until your horse is declared. Things often change in racing. We do our best to give as much notice as possible.



If you are in a Partnership with us you will receive annual accounts.

If you are in a Club there are no accounts to be seen as the horse is officially owned by our Limited company.


Can I order photos?

Photos can be ordered through the office as can DVDs of races and work from home.


Can I buy merchandise?

We are adding more items to our shop but if there is something specific you would like us to consider please get in touch.


Can I buy additional products from the Welcome Pack?

Yes! If an item isn’t showing in our shop please let us know.